I get a lot of questions about rep teams, and I would love to clear up some questions below 

📸 For SENIOR TEAM, we start taking individual pics in February of JUNIOR YEAR, which gets you comfy in front of my camera before senior year even starts.

🖐 We do approximately FIVE themed mini sessions throughout the year (3-4 for TEEN TEAM). Some are with the group, but most sessions are pick-a-time and solo!

💵 There are PAYMENT PLAN options for folks who want to pay for their package throughout the year. We offer several collections, and all of the products we offer are heirloom quality and top notch!

👯‍♀️ NEW FRIENDS - Group sessions aren’t *required* but they’re ultra encouraged because it’s fun to meet new people!! Plus you and I basically spend a whole year together documenting all the things, so we’re like FAM by the time graduation rolls around!

😎 Your SOLO SESSION gets scheduled before ANYONE ELSE HAS ACCESS TO THE SAP CALENDAR! My team gets first dibs, which means as soon as dates are open, you get to grab one! 

🔥 We will make sure your individual session speaks to who YOU ARE. Not me. Not whoever instagram wants you to be. Not who your friend was last week. You. From the beginning, I’ve HOLLERED from the roof tops that I want my seniors to just be themselves. Come to me with clothes and accessories that speak to who you are. Let’s tailor your session to your soul and spirit. I want to see you shine in YOUR element!

🚫 NOPE. I don’t require anyone to post anything that they don’t want to post (tbh I’m not really good at posting 🤦‍♀️). There are no sharing requirements. If you share anything, I want it to be genuine and from the heart. I can tell when someone’s full of it, and I know you can too!

✌️I am a LOW DRAMA MAMA and I love to laugh, have fun, and be your hype girl. Making parents cry is one of my favorite things about my job. I love making people feel beautiful and SEE their beauty, and being a part of a kid’s journey to self love is so special. 

🙋‍♀️ Do you have questions? This year I plan on holding an information session in January. If you want to sign up for that before jumping in and applying, please reach out!

👀 NOT A SENIOR YET??? The Teen Team starts with RISING SEVENTH GRADERS and has a similar structure!! Come hang out with us this year!


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