addi & tucker

I sure love meeting people in their favorite places to capture photos of them doing what they love…. When Addison & Tucker’s mom, Jordan, asked me if I would mind coming out to their family farm I was PUMPED about the idea. I love a new spot. I have lots and lots of locations that I use regularly, but a new place to shoot is like Christmas morning for me!!! AND HORSES. I love horses. I loveeee horses. I love their energy, and since a huge part of what I do is feeling, reading, and capturing energy, horses are some of my favorite animals to shoot.

When I showed up for Addison’s session (we added her brother, Tucker, in for a few pics as well!), we had outfits to choose from and family to meet and horses to pet. I loved it! I felt like I could just sit right down at the table and hang out. I am pretty sure I literally did just sit right down at the table when I got there, actually…

We went all over the Couts family farm. We dodged snakes and bugs in the creek, hollered and waved at donkeys, and danced in the road. We laughed and had fun, and mama cried a little bit about how her babies were growing up.

These sessions are some of my favorites. When you are home, or you are in a place that feels like home, so often your soul lights up. I love capturing this. I left the session feeling so inspired and excited to work on the images. I’m so thankful for these moments… Thankful for the ability to capture these times for families. I love making mamas cry.

xoxo, shelb

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