Eek! I love this one. I know I start every blog post talking about how much I loved each of the sessions, and really – it is always true – but I absolutely adore the way these turned out. Meredith wanted to use some of the backdrop options in the lobby for the salon near my studio (The Parlour – follow them!) and I jumped all over that option. I haven’t actually used the lobby downstairs before and I LOVE the way it photographs. I will forever be thankful that I took the time to learn how to use my off-camera-flash. The opportunities for locations double when you know how to use a flash, and I’m thankful to have a lighting assistant who doesn’t mind being a movable light stand!

Meredith was on my team last year, but honestly – last year was such a bizarre year for everyone, I almost forgot we even did anything. We did have a couple of super cute sessions, though!!! This year we have more planned with the teams, and I am super excited.

For this session, we started in the lobby and then went over to a warehouse in Springfield to do some outdoor photos for a different look. I had been driving through springfield a few days prior and saw all these amazing flowers that had come up in the rocks outside one of the churches in town, and while we were shooting her second outfit I had the idea for us to wrap over in the flowers. I’m SO GLAD fate brought these flowers to us… I love love love them!!! The pink matches her dress perfectly, and I L O V E how they’re coming out of the rocks. it’s just so neat…

I just love having Meredith in front of my camera! I can’t wait until our next group sesh!!!

xoxo – shelb

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