April 30, 2021

Oh wow. Y’all.

When we approached this session, I have to be real honest – I was a little nervous. I remember even telling Paige (my lighting gal) when we were on our way to Nashville that I was feeling the nerves because LAST YEAR’s session with Ella was SO GOOD, I was worried we could never even compare…

Guess what, y’all.

We did it. I mean… This girl is a frickin NATURAL in front of the camera, and requires very little instruction or guidance. She doesn’t try hard, and just naturally hits some great poses and looks. Plus these outfits are KILLA.

We started at one of my favorite spots in Nashville – Cumberland Park. I know most folks go there for the elevator ride up to the view of the city, but honestly I couldn’t really care less about that. I love the magic you get all around the bottom of the pedestrian bridge. I love how gorgeous the light naturally pops onto faces, and how there are a million textures to work with. In the summer time, you can get lucky and even be solo in the water “splash” area from time to time, too. I love it.

Ella’s outfits really were a hit, also. She and her mom looked for inspiration on clothing from Pinterest and then set out to find outfits online or by borrowing from friends & family. They always knock it out of the park, y’all. I can’t even imagine how this girl’s style is going to going to keep poppin’ throughout the years!!!

Ella’s final outfit had a super collegiate and sporty feel, and I really wanted to find a tennis court that we could shoot at, but the weather was beautiful and apparently everyone in Nashville had the same idea of going to the tennis courts, so we ended up at Vandy and found some really cool bleachers to play with, and the sun was just gorgeous.

We laughed and had so much fun…. I just love when I get to have Ella in front of my camera!!! Considering she’s only in *SEVENTH GRADE* I hope I get to have her for many more years. [Also –side note– does anyone else feel like these seventh graders don’t go through that awkward phase anymore???? I mean, when I was in 7th grade I didn’t know anything about style, and I had “SUN-IN” frizzy bangs with dark brown hair…. I thought it was *very cool* and now I wonder how I even left the house like that… Wait, I know how I left the house like that… I left the house in my oversized Winnie the Pooh sweatshirt, jeans that were definitely too short for me, and patent leather sneakers with my orange-blonde bangs and dark brown pony tail.]

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