here’s to the night

April 21, 2021

It is prom season and frankly, I love it. No matter how you feel about your prom attire from days gone by, in the moment, you always felt like you nailed it. For many of our teens this is the opportunity to dress up like they never have before. It is so much fun to shoot the looks they have created, from head to toe, and see their confidence shine! I think one of the coolest things about prom is that most aren’t doing the same thing – they WANT to stand out. So bold colors, fun accessories, patterns… anything goes!

Something that has definitely changed over the years, is that young men have been stepping up their style game! Whether it be mixing it up with color or cool kicks, guys have really been making prom a big deal. I am here for dudes creating looks that reflect their personal style! Something I’ve noticed trending are metal accessories – whether it be cufflinks, or lapel chains, guys are making suits that can seem ordinary POP. And jewelry? LOVE IT. When done correctly, a classic gold chain in place of a tie is A+. If jewelry or edgy accessories aren’t your thing, that’s okay too! A classic tux or suit will never go out of style, TRUST ME. As for grooming, clean up any facial hair you rock and if you need a haircut, get it a few days prior to prom.

LADIES! Well, I have seen some girls totally killing it already and I cannot wait to see what the rest of you have planned. With so many options I never know what to expect. Bright or Neutral, Long or Short, Heels or Converse- these girls are making their prom style something to remember! Just like the guys, gals have found cool accessories to help round out their look and make it something truly unique. I think prom is a chance for girls to feel beautiful and fancy and I love letting them embrace that in front of the camera – after all, this may be as dressed up as they get besides their wedding! I want them to cherish this night and the memories it sparks from my photos for years and years to come.

So guys and gals, young men and women, have so much fun.

Here’s to the night. Tommorrow’s gonna come too soon.

xoxo, shelb

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