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April 6, 2021

This week’s WTWW [What to Wear Wednesday] takes us to the FACE, and we have a guest post from the SAP studio assistant AND makeup artist extraordinaire – Charli Cotner!

I just love how much she loves what she does, y’all. When you’re creating art, whether it’s through a camera or makeup or whatever medium makes sense for you, the passion you have for what you’re doing goes such a long way.

Did you know we offer professional makeup IN the studio? We sure do!!!

xoxo – shelb


Thinking about makeup for photos may not be something you think about beforehand, BUT IT SHOULD BE! Of course you want to look like yourself — maybe just a more put-together version. I think it’s easy to forget that what works day-to-day, doesn’t necessarily translate in photos. Professional photos give you an opportunity to add a little extra *oomph* to your look to make sure you look FLAWLESS.

I know for some of you, contour and highlight are second nature. You wear it for a trip to Walmart, and you are an honorary Kardashian. But for others of you, it is a totally foreign concept. That’s okay! There is nothing wrong with practicing techniques you aren’t completely comfortable with or doing a practice run with a makeup artist prior to your shoot day. Contour and highlight are really important though. Take a plain piece of paper, draw an oval with eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, etc. Everything is 2 dimensional right? Meaning it’s flat. When you start to add shadows, the lighter parts pop and the shadows define. That’s what makes your face different than a face on a piece of paper. DIMENSION. When you put your foundation on it’s all one color – just like that piece of paper. By contouring and highlighting, your cheekbones pop, your forehead shortens, and your lips look fuller. Is it magic? YES. YES IT IS.

Something else that is really important, but I think can be scary is blush. We all know someone that uses a little too much. We don’t want that, but we want a color other than flesh tones. We want that flushed look that automatically brightens your face and makes you look happy and youthful. Whether it’s a coral or a berry, blush is a must.

Okay. What I am about to say may make you roll your eyes, but hang on! What about some faux lashes??? I know that it can seem waaaaaayyyyyy extra, but they make fake lashes that look super natural now. Lashes can make eyes go from pretty to WOW and on camera those “extra” touches really make the look pop. If you are applying yourself, practice, practice, oh and one more thing… practice. Lucky for you, there are tons of options and they are super fun once you get the hang of it! In the same family, it may be worth it if your brows are a little sparse, to fill those in a bit. Just enough to define and have that strong brow game.

NEXT, Let’s talk about those lips. It’s important, especially in colder months, to exfoliate your lips if they are peeling. And moisturize. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. Leading up to picture day, keep a good moisturizing balm or gloss on your lips so they stay free of any cracking or peeling. When it comes to color, just like everything I’ve mentioned before, make it count. Try to stay away from nudes. Although they are great for day to day, a nude lip tends to get lost on your face and you look like you put foundation over your lips. We don’t want that. If bright colors aren’t your vibe, no worries, choose a mauve pink or something with a berry tone. And if it doesn’t scare you too much, maybe go one shade darker than what you are comfortable with. That way it really pops in photos.

I know it seems mindless. Makeup. Because you are beautiful with or without it. I want you to read that again. You are beautiful with or without it… But, adding makeup doesn’t take away how beautiful you are, it just makes dang sure that all that beauty is amplified and you feel amazing in front of the camera!


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