i am … me

April 5, 2021

My first team consisted of four seniors representatives. Three from Greenbrier high, and one from East Robertson. When I first started teams, I honestly had no clue what the goal was going to be. I just knew that it was super common in the Senior Portrait industry, and that all my mentors suggested that I try it out. I never *ever* anticipated having multiple teams, and having over 40 kids spread across Middle Tennessee, representing every school in RobCo, plus schools in Sumner, Davidson, Williamson, and Wilson counties. Honestly, when I think about it too hard it sort of blows my mind a little. Okay, a lot. It blows my mind entirely.

The idea behind doing “teen team” was to capture the years in between. We capture so much when they’re first born… albums and albums of images of babies and toddlers and little kids.., and when they get bigger we just get busier. So often the in-between years are captured through a phone via fun selfies with our friends, but they’re not always preserved in high-resolution through the eyes and lens of an artist. I wanted to change that… We have a couple of programs through the studio that capture multiple years along the way – ultimate high school, and six-nine-twelve are two options, but teams is different and fun because there are opportunities throughout the whole year to capture who they are as they grow. I love the idea of having all of these images to document their true formative years… Watching them go through the ups and downs of middle and high school with a final senior portrait session that captures them as an “almost adult.”


The “I am ME” project was something that sort of came to me in the night (so many of my ideas come to me in the night)… I really wanted to use the first team session for the teen group to capture who they are right now and get to know them! Just me + them + the camera… Nothing “themed” or super proppy…. Then I thought “why don’t we have them tell us – literally – who they are?” I honestly wasn’t sure if they would be interested in it because I was convinced they’d think it was cheesy, but I LOVED the response we got!!! These kids were so fun, deep, thoughtful… They really showed up and it was so cool to be a part of. I think it’s probably a session we keep around each year for future teen groups!!!


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