let’s hear it for the boys

March 9, 2021

I was talking this morning with a colleague about how this is my 9th year in business, how so much growth happens over time, and how much you see and capture in those years. I feel like it’s pretty obvious from my website, social media presence, and studio walls that teen & senior GIRLS are one of my top clients. It’s not really on purpose… I think girls just have more of an interest in being on a senior rep team, having their photos taken, seeking a photographer that fits them, and just being all around *excited* about the process in general…

Teen boys have a tendency to do what their mama wants them to do, wear what their mama wants them to wear, and roll with the photographer that their mama wants them to choose. Hey, I get it! That is e a s y, and it makes mama happy?! That’s what we call a win-win, right??

I wanna meet my teen boy clients where they are, though. I wanna show them how handsome and funny and unique they are. I wanna showcase what makes them THEM (whether it is a big truck that they’re most proud of, or if they have more of an edge… or both!).

When it comes to *what to wear* for boys, I like to see a little bit of variety. So often we just end up swapping a shirt out and keeping the same pants, or they’ll come with a single outfit. I love when a fella shows up with a slew of options for tops and bottoms. I always travel with a pop-up dressing room, so changing is really not that big of a deal, and an outfit change can really complete a senior album or keepsake box!

So what DO you wear???

Wear something that represents YOU. If you’re a country boy, rock those boots and jeans with some country-layers. Are you edgy, or emo, or athletic, or preppy, or somewhere in between? Let’s embrace that. The more options we have to choose from, the better!

Things to note: -> I LOVE layers. I love swapping a leather jacket out for a hoodie, or a flannel, or throwing on an FFA jacket. ->Wrinkles are NO GOOD. Listen to me. As much as you want to just throw your clothes in a duffle bag and show up…You can not do that. I will not let you do that. Iron your clothes, and put them on a hanger. I promise you’ll thank me when it comes time for your gallery reveal. ->Get your nails did. Okay – Maybe not the full manicure if you aren’t comfy with that, but please please please make sure your hands are washed and clean, and your nails are trimmed. Again, it’s the little things that make your photos POP.

Let’s work together!!! I promise I won’t bite. In fact, I’ll probably make you laugh a whole bunch and will absolutely put your mind at ease. We’re gonna have SO MUCH FUN, I promise.

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