i’m on the edge

Black. Leather. Metal. Dramatic Makeup. Attitude.

All of these things happen to be my favorite. People with an edgy style seem unafraid and inherently cool. It may be the hardest to pull off, but when you do???? OH BOY! It blows me away every time.

When choosing outfits, no matter what your style is, I think the pieces that make looks work are the ones that make you excited. The piece that pulls it all together. In an edgy look that could be a leather jacket, combat boots with metal detail, or black stockings under a skirt or jean shorts. Attitude is everything when you are going for an edgy look. You gotta believe it!

I love the idea of a band tee (preferably one you can name at least 2 songs from *wink*) with cuffed shorts and black stockings. Combat boots or hightop chucks and chunky jewelry would complete the look. Not to mention a cat eye and a bright lip.

A softer edge look could be as simple as an oversized sweater with a leather skirt, combat boot, and a high, tight pony. And edgy doesn’t mean black on black on black… although there’s nothing wrong with that. It can be a funky skirt or cool hat. The possibilities are ENDLESS. This is a vibe to have fun with and think outside the box. So jump outside that box and let your creativity fly!

xoxo, shelb

Photo collage of woman with colorful hair in leather jacket.
Portraits of young boy with electric guitar
Senior portraits of girl in various locations

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