bundle up

Baby, it’s COLD outside!!!

All this winter weather has me thinking about layers, so I thought that might be a good topic for this week’s What to Wear Wednesday!

You know what I love more than a whole bunch of things? A really cool jacket. Whether it’s sequined, or leather, or furry, or floral… I just love a jacket so much. I have several studio jackets to pull from, and I have lots of them in my own closet! In addition to jackets – scarves!! Layers and layers…

I love layers because they can easily be added to or taken from, and it’s a very easy way to spruce up a whole outfit. This applies to girls and to boys —layer up! Even if it’s boiling hot outside (and no windchill of -9 like at this very moment), a jacket is a fun thing to add to your session because it can easily be thrown on and taken off. One of the pics below is of my daughter, and the heat index was like 102, but she was INTO this star jacket at the time, so we rolled with it, and it turned out super cool & cute. Fellas can easily add a blazer, a leather jacket, a jean jacket, or a sweater cardigan like Tyler has on below!

What’s your favorite layering accessory?

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