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The pandemic has taken so much away, and with that we’ve had to do a lot of swerving and pivoting. One thing I’ve really loved, however, is how my team sessions have ended up. I haven’t done “mini sessions” in SO very long, but with group size restrictions I have had to make the necessary change to team sessions and restructure to individual minis for the teams. I have to be real honest here — I LOVE it. I loveeee the individual sessions. I love the little breath in between when schedule them all day. I love the fact that I get individual one on one time with each of the girls, and that they all end up with relatively the same amount of images because they were in front of my camera for the same amount of time… I love that no one is fighting for camera time, and even more so that I get to really spend individual time with them. It’s been fun!!!

Honestly, the larger my groups get, the harder it was going to be to continue doing “group” sessions anyway. They were getting pretty tough to get everyone in one pic, and schedule times that fit everyone’s schedule, and pose a ton of people together! This mini session gig has been fun.

My most recent “team session day” was for the senior group, and we did a Valentine theme. Y’all…. it was so cuuuuute!!! I haven’t ever done Valentine’s Day before and one year my group mentioned that they wished we had done them, so I figured I’d throw them in this year. It was a lot of fun. I’m not *HUGE* on Valentine’s Day in general, but I love all the colors and I’m a real fan of hearts, so I had fun picking out props for this session. Plus the pink backdrop color is one of my *favorite* colors!!

My next studio session will be coming in hot from the new space, and you guys — I can NOT wait to show you what we’re cooking up!

PS: I love the fact that this was totally a senior 2021 session, but there are DEFINITELY a couple of stowaways… Can you spot them? *wink*

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