weekly recap

Just like with every new year, we have new goals. Personal goals and business goals… New blogging goals are on the top of my list, because I know I’ve fallen behind on the blog over the last year. There are a few reasons why I like to blog – One, I love to write… Even if it’s just writing about what’s been in front of my camera and on my computer this week, I love it. Another reason why I want to do this is because I do SO much more than what I highlight on my social media feeds that I really love sharing. Kids and babies and pin ups and families, and branding… Just so many things!! I absolutely love what I do, and I love sharing pretty pictures with all of you!

The winter months typically prove to have way less “outdoor session” options, so we’ve had several indoor studio sessions recently. I have also had some cute littles in front of my camera over the last couple of weeks that were delivered this week!

Can we talk about all these squishy littles??? I don’t do a TON of babies anymore, but the ones I do I just love.

Baby Jonah & Baby Harper hopped in front of my camera last week, and this week I got to edit and deliver them, and y’all I can’t handle ALL DIS cuteness!!!

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