what’s the vibe?

If you are anything like me, the first thing you start thinking about, okay, OBSESSING about, is what to wear in your pictures. Sometimes I know exactly what look I’m going for and the trouble is finding the perfect pieces to make it go from a “look” to a “lewk.” Other times, I have no idea and I endlessly scroll through Pinterest asking it to tell me what to wear. As we start our What To Wear Wednesdays series, I hope the tips and tricks we share simplify the process of finding the perfect outfit and creating the perfect vibe.

If you know your “thing”, your style, your vibe – that makes it easier, but not necessarily a no brainer. It still may take some time and searching to find the thing that makes it scream YOU. I love the idea of finding a piece, it just takes one, to plan around. An awesome statement earring, a jacket that can be dressed up or down, or a funky pair of shoes that look just as rad with a skirt as it does with jeans. Then work from there! If you can find that thing that makes you go – “THAT’S IT!”, everything else will fall into place.

As this series continues, we will break down different styles and the looks that work within those. There is nothing cooler than seeing all of you beautiful people come alive in front of the camera by being yourselves. One of the best things about this job is seeing how unique and fearless people can be with their style and it makes these shoots THE MOST FUN!

In this blog post I have shared some looks that I think have pieces that stand out and help create a vibe. After all, vibes are everything and we only welcome good ones here.

xoxo, shelb

Portrait collage of woman in dress and leather jacket
One of my all time fave sessions – Elizabeth *BROUGHT IT* with this hair + dress + jacket combo. I mean… Right?
Accessories? I love them. Sunglasses can make a look, y’all.
Or… A sequin romper? I mean… This in itself is a whole vibe.
Do you have a favorite hat? A LOT of my clients come to their session with zero intention of wearing a hat, and they pull one out of the style closet to try and end up LOVING the images we create with it! We’ll talk more about accessories as time goes on, but please know – I am a FAN of adding accessories!!
Collage of senior portraits in rural setting
Where my country girls at? I know I’m more of an edgy girl at heart, but I got a lot of love for those of you who can wrangle cows and stomp in boots, too. I’m here for it alllll!!! Whatever makes you, YOU, is what I want to capture!

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