what to wear?

When we started talking about blogging for 2021, I knew there were a few things I wanted to touch on regularly – What to Wear being one of them! One of the #1 things I’m asked is “Shelby…. what the heck do I wear???” Since this answer is a little more involved than just a simple response, I’d love to touch on some different styles and ideas for different scenarios!

This series is something we’ll roll out gradually, but since it’s “What to Wear Wednesday” now, I thought I’d do a little introduction!!! Some of the styles you’ll hear us talk about over the next couple of months include: senior session styles – boho girl, country charm, casual chic, glam, urban, preppy, athletic, and more. We’ll talk about what to wear for family sessions, and what to have on hand for your “big kid sessions.” We’ll include ideas for where to shop, how to coordinate colors and styles, and layers. There are SO many resources out there for information on this topic and our goal is to put some of this info together with some photos!

Do you have some ideas on what you’d like us to share or do you have a favorite style shown below? Drop them in the comments!!

xoxo – shelb

  1. Angela Moses says:

    What do young men wear? Should they dress up more in a nice jackets and tie or dress down in jeans and a t-shirt? I see all these cute outfits for girls but boys are so different. #boymom

    • Shelby Andal says:

      I LOVE this comment!!!! We are going to do a couple of boy posts too!!! Most of my seniors have been girls for a while but I am SUPER excited that I have a few more boys rolling in this year!!! 🥰

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