I’ve spent some time this morning looking through old blog posts and reflecting on 2020… I know we’re over halfway through the first month of 2021, but this month – January – is the month when I do most of my planning for the year. It’s cold outside (usually), and it’s a good time for just reflecting, planning, brain storming, and scheduling.

I know last year I had every intention of continuing to blog. I love writing, and most the time feel like I do a pretty good job. This past year, however, I was truly lost for words. When rattlings of a pandemic started in February and we started moving toward March, I didn’t really know which way was up when it came to my business. Plans didn’t shake out the way they were *supposed to* shake out. Life was just upside down, and my business was at a stand still.

As a family, we were dealing with some significant changes, and while we had tons of community and family support, it still felt right to hide away for a while… A pandemic is a wonderful time to hide away, y’all. No one really questions why you’re not putting yourself out there and everyone just assumes it’s because the world is paused.

I will forever be grateful for the time of reflection that 2020 gifted to me and my family.

As we look forward into 2021, the planning is different. Everything is different this year – the way we have to plan sessions, the way group sessions have to be shot, masks during proofing appointments, zooming, all the changes…. I’m so grateful for the clients who rolled with the punches with me last year, and I’m looking forward to what 2021 will bring us.

I hope you’ll all read along with me this year… I *plan* to share more. Not only just about the business, but personal reflection and pro-tips as well. There’s still so much heartache in the world, but I want to share a little more of myself and what I do.

Thanks for following along, y’all. Here’s a highlight video from 2020 sessions, and some pics of me + MY family that we had done this fall. I’m so grateful to have so many wonderful photographer friends, and I’ll be forever thankful for Cheyenne (Shots by Cheyenne) for these photos. They’re perfect.

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