arostegui family

I really shouldn’t make promises I can’t deliver on… I’m pretty sure I posted last week sometime that I was going to share this family’s blog last week. *Face palm* Sorry, y’all!!! To be completely transparent, my whole personal life has been turned right upside down this year because we decided to pull our kiddos out of public school and put them in virtual school. That’s going great though! There were no tears this week from any of us, so I think we’re finally adjusting… From a work perspective though… Whew. You guys. I’m used to having a SOLID 8 hours by myself to work during the day and I just haven’t had that since December… I’m figuring out my new groove, and I’m making it work but sheesh… Schoolin’ kids full time, working a full time job, and keeping up with all of my community commitments is a lot!!!!

Soooo… Forgive me that my blogging stays behind constantly. To be honest, it’s the very last thing on my priority list! I know it’s important to share my work because that’s how new people find me (hi!!!), but instagramming and blogging just take a back seat when there are number lines and equivalent fractions to find…

The Arosteguis.

Oh how I love this family.

JR & Mandi and I met years ago and really became insta-friends. I have loved watching their family grow. Maddie was just a little girl when we first met… I mean, probably only 6-8 years old? Now she’s G R O W N and super talented and smart. I took the boys to see her in Hairspray last year when she played the part of THE Tracy Turnblad and she tore the stage up! Girl has PIPES, which really is no surprise considering both her mom and dad are crazy talented singers as well! I love hearing them sing as a group… Guhhh it’s good!

So about this session. NEVER have I ever rescheduled a session as many times as this one. To be honest, when we scheduled the session L A S T November, I was going to use their photos for some family portrait marketing I was thinking of putting together. Then it rained and snowed us out so many times… I don’t even know how many. I would guess at least 8. I was so glad we finally made it work though! I love the way they turned out. Their family is adorable anyway so I knew they were going to be great.

THANK YOUUUUU for finally stepping in front of my camera, friends.



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