cally | freshman

I just finished a session that was F R E E Z I N G, so I thought why not share a session from the summer and the creek?! I was just saying last week that I knowwww it’s only January, and I knowwww we have at least another month and a half of the cold, but gosh I’m ready for spring. I’m not ready for 100 degree temps, but consistently pretty weather? I’ll take it. Heck, at this point I’ll take consistent weather…

This session was from September, and gosh was it pretty!! We were wrapping up the last part of summer and it was still super warm out. Warm enough to get in the creek still!

Cally is one of my Ultimate High School kids, and this was her Freshman session. She’d never had a photo session like this before, and we had so much fun! She agreed to try a hat for some pics, and wore heels for the first time too! It was a whole afternoon of trying and rolling with the fun.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Cally and her mom, and I can not wait to document the next four years of Cally’s high school life!! She seems like a super sweet kid with a huge heart, and I am excited to watch her grow over the next few years.

THANK YOU for picking me to capture this time, Cally + Susan! And thanks for kickin’ it in the creek with me!


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