We did it, you guys! We made it to December and completed an entire year’s worth of Vintage Pattern Project!!!

I couldn’t be more proud of my friend Jodi for the hard work she’s put into this project in 2019. She had an idea and saw it through to the end, and that in itself is not an easy task. She spent hours and hours in front of her sewing machine creating garments for other people just because… Just because she had an idea and thought it’d be a fun project for the year. She wasn’t trying to make money or start a business* or have any other reason at all – just fun. I think that’s really rad, you know? She did end up selling some of her clothes and making a little cash and I’m glad about that because I’m sure this wasn’t a cheap project for her, but that wasn’t the point. It was about creating and seeing something through. It was a rack of clothes at the end of the year that was full of things she made. It was an “I did that!!” It was about the art of sewing and designing.

Jodi casually mentioned this project to me over a year ago and I had just come back from a learning retreat and was F I R E D U P and ready to create some art. I told her my goal for 2019 was to create more for fun and that I thought this could be a really cool way for me to step outside my artistic box. We began looking at fabric choices and backgrounds and talking about themes and planned out super far in advance. We sent out a model call and had over 60 women and girls apply…. We just did it, and it was SO much fun!

I’ve had a great time this year with this project… Creating, collaborating, making new friends, hanging out with old friends… Every month was different. It was a different vibe in the studio, and in the photos themselves.

We always knew we wanted to bring a couple of people back for December and we knew we wanted Jodi to be in the December shoot, so it made sense that we’d bring back two of Jodi’s good friends who were also super great in front of the camera and fun to be around. We invited Pamela, who was in our very first shoot in January and we invited Natalie, who was one of our April girls. Pamela is carrying around an extra person now, so that’s a really cool way to end the year, right?!

I loved this month. I love the green backdrop, the fabric choices, the patterns, the girls… It was a really fun month! I loved having Jodi in front of my camera, too! She always brings a fun vibe.


[*also if you’d like to purchase any of Jodi’s clothes from the Vintage Pattern Project or otherwise, they ARE for sale – just hit her up.]




I’m so proud of you, friend!!! Thanks for all the fun!


December’s patterns are brought to you from Simplicity. If you’d like to follow along with what Jodi’s doing next, follower her on instagram at @vintagepatternproject.


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