November 29, 2019

Can you believe we’re already at November????
I think it’s pretty telling of how busy I’ve been considering the fact that the last thing I blogged was October. Whoops. It’s Fall, y’all. Fall is crazy town for Photographers. Working two shoots (or more??) a day, editing until I fall asleep on my laptop… All while launching a magazine (more on that later!). Seriously I’ve fallen behind on the blogging, for sure. Perhaps I’ll catch up… Maybe I won’t. I really haven’t been putting a ton of pressure on myself to have a certain quota that I’m trying to meet…

I do, however, want to share November’s Vintage Pattern Project with everyone!!
From the beginning, we knew we wanted November to feel more like home. It’s Thanksgiving month, and we just wanted it to be warm. I think the women we have this month bring that to the camera. They’re beautiful – each of them, in their own way. They have lovely energies that are so beautiful in front of the camera, and we had such a great time chatting and getting to know each other a little bit better in the few hours they were in the studio.

One thing I love about this month is that Karen (the first solo pics featured below), got to wear a dress made from her mother-in-law’s personal fabric stash that was given to Jodi!! Jodi didn’t tell Karen she’d be wearing a dress made from the fabric, she just surprised her! She used buttons that belonged to Mrs. Nicholson as well, which is really really precious.

The dresses really turned out pretty this month. I love the colors, and I love the way they pop off of the almond backdrop. You know, every month I feel like I learn something new when it comes to lighting and posing and studio work in general, and I’m so thankful. I have loved being a part of this project so much!!

Models: Karen, Jennifer, Glenda
Patterns: Simplicity and McCalls
Designed and Sewn by Jodi Deal of stitch + jodi
Hair + Makeup by Jodi Deal


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