abby | sophomore year

October 27, 2019

Can you believe another year has come and gone? I started taking Abby’s pics when she was in the 8th grade, and I knew then that there was something real special about this girl. She’s SUPER talented and can dance beautifully. She’s smart, and can make you laugh too!! Not only that, but I just adore her mama and her dad… Seriously, I love this gal.

I love doing Abby’s pics for lots of reasons, but I love that she just trusts me. Her mom pretty much says “you do whatever you want with her because I know they’re going to be great…” and because Abby and I work super well together and she shines in front of a camera, they always turn out great.

This year’s session was no different, for SURE. I’m almost certain these are my new favorite photos that I’ve taken of Abby!!

We started at a location I found while driving down the road a few weeks ago. I looked over to my right while I was at a redlight and looked past the dumpsters and the trash of the location and saw the coolest white walls and knew right then that the location was a great place to shoot. We headed from there to Marie’s – or what used to be Marie’s – and then, Abby wanted to hit the concrete columns that we’ve been to briefly before. I’m not sure who had the smoke bomb idea first, her or me, but I love what we got with the smoke bombs. They are so perfect…

THANK YOU, Clontz fam for picking me to capture your high school experience. I get to have the Clontzes in front of my camera again in the next few weeks for their family portrait session too! Winninggggg.

PS: Today’s Abby’s SIXTEENTH birthday!! Can we sing a collective “HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY” to her???


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