ellery | class of 2020

October 20, 2019

Eek! This session, man. I loved hanging with this gal!! Ellery’s mom and I have been friends for YEARS because of a mutual cult that we were in. She’s one of three of the best things that happened to me during my time involved with multi-level marketing. There are some serious lessons you gotta learn, you know? I digress… Ellery! This isn’t the first time I’ve taken Ellery’s photos. The first time was YEARS ago when we barely knew each other. We did family portraits and individual pictures of the kiddos.  Their family pic was actually a favorite of mine for so long that it was literally on my business cards until I rebranded a few years ago.

Ellery goes to school in a totally different area, so I was excited to work with her and show her some spots that are my usual go-to hangs that her friends wouldn’t be familiar with. The concrete wall + concrete pillars are two of my favorites, and we got L U C K Y with some flowers in a field!

I always tell my folks to start in the outfit they feel most beautiful in. I think it helps when they feel beautiful off the bat because it just loosens them up and gets them READY for the camera. There first outfit she chose is one of my favorites!! She brought her hat and rocked the heck out of those orange pants, y’all. I think it works so well with our setting. I just love her vibe… She’s smart and funny and creative and I think that really comes through.

This girl has brains, you guys. She’s smart and she is super into politics and using her voice for what she believes in. I loved having her in front of my camera, and I am so proud of how much she and her mama loved her senior portraits!

Hair + Makeup by Alainie Miller / @eyemakeupstuff


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