September 27, 2019

Several (s e v e r a l) months ago, Becky from Wildhearts and I talked about doing pics to promote her t-shirts that she sells and makes in the store. Both of us are ultra busy, and honestly I never came back to the idea until I saw that she had started making game-day apparel for the local high schools. That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head. Maybe we could drive a little more awareness to each of our brands by joining forces on an instagram giveaway??? I put together some marketing stuff and put it out there for a week and got lots of traction around Robertson County.

We opened the giveaway contest up to all 5 public schools in RobCo (although she also does the private schools too!), gave them a few days to share/like/comment (you know the drill), and then chose one winner from each school to do a joint photo session modeling Becky’s shirts in front of my camera!

Becky’s story is pretty cool, y’all. While on a trip to California, she stumbled upon a little t-shirt shop that made and sold t-shirts for customers while they were shopping. The customer picks the design, the store makes it right there — 5 minutes top to bottom! Becky loved the idea so much she stewed and thought about how cool it would be to have such a place here in Robertson County. Eventually she started learning how to make shirts and started making shirts and selling them to her neighbors, then expanded to online sales, and eventually was busting out the seams of her house with orders. That’s when she heard about a space that was opening up for rent on 7th Ave. The space, y’all… The space was MY old studio space that I shared with my friend and fellow photographer, Ashley! Ash and I had decided not to renew our lease and within a couple of days, Becky and her husband David were looking at it and dreaming about what could be…

The rest, as they say, is history. They moved in and have been booming ever since. It’s been really great to watch!!! I’m so so glad someone went into the space that is thriving and loving it!! We had a blast on 7th and I’m so happy for so many of my friends to be having a blast there too!!! Wildhearts has so so so many things in their store – from clothing to candles to bathbombs and lotions to P L A N T S… They really have a great selection of fun items. (Their plant station and succulents are my favorite!)

Becky’s shop is located between Public House and Beach Bronzed on 7th Ave E in Springfield.

Thanks to our models from each of the five RobCo schools – Springfield High School – Alaina; Greenbrier High School – Lauren; East Robertson High School – Aftan; White House Heritage High School – Meredith; and Jo Byrns High School – Alyssa

I had so much fun with y’all for our quick shoot. I hope you love all the pictures we got!!

PS: If you’re looking for game-day wear, be sure to check with Wildhearts! They can SERIOUSLY make whatever you want right there on the spot!


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