harley | class of 2020

September 26, 2019

Harley reached out about her senior portraits on a Friday, we scheduled her consult for Monday, and she was able to shoot them the same week. Since my calendar is typically booked at a minimum of one month out, it was sort of serendipitous. I had a client that was supposed to be scheduled for that day and had to reschedule, so it really worked out perfect – PLUS we were able to get her scheduled for hair and makeup in short notice as well, which is just crazy. It really was meant to be.

Harley brought her wardrobe with her to the studio and we styled and ranked our outfit choices based on what we definitely KNEW we wanted to have time for, to what we hoped we had time for but were okay with not having time for. Harley had told me she wanted a little bit of a city/urban feel but also wanted to find some sunflowers to shoot in too! We went on an adventure, y’all!! We left the studio and went to downtown Springfield for some fun shots. Harley was inspired by the red door from Aliah’s shoot, so I knew we were starting there. From there, we went to the rainbow wall, hung out behind Copper Vault (thanks for hydrating us when it was SO HOT outside, CV), and bounced and headed to the Sunflower field.

The week we shot Harley’s session, we only had one sunflower option… All the ones in RobCo were in between blooms. They had either just died or were not ready yet, so we had to hit up Ruby Branch Farms in Franklin, KY which was a H A U L from Springfield, but completely worth it… I loved shooting there!

I also LOVED shooting with Harley. She was great in front of the camera and has such a chill personality that it was cool to have her hanging out in front of my lens. We laughed and just had so much fun. We talked about how my parents went to school with her mama and how I can’t imagine my parents having a 17 year old too. We just had fun getting to know each other a little bit — and Alainie, who was my reflector girl for the day, also did her hair + makeup and did a FABULOUS job!

I really couldn’t love my team of helpers and hair + makeup artists, and friends and clients any more than I do, you guys. I just love it.

Hair + Makeup by Alainie Miller [@eyemakeupstuff]


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