fit strong mama

September 16, 2019

What a fun time Courtney and I had in the studio!! When she called about headshots, we started talking about her / what would make sense for her / what she does and she told me that she owns a business called Fit Strong Mama, which she operates out of her basement. It’s a web-based fitness program and she’s super into fitness and exercise. When we got to chatting and after looking at her website, I thought it’d be super cool to do some in-studio shots with bright colors and movement that highlight her big personality.

The first time I actually met Courtney in person was the day she came in for her shoot. I met her in the driveway and she gave me a hug and was so genuine with kindness pouring out of her. We laughed and had fun and she just hung out in front of my camera for an hour or so, which was a LOT of fun!! I felt like I could be myself in front of her, which is always really nice – you know? I love that she shares my same love for big hair and she rocks the heck out of hers!

The session really was a lot of fun, and it pushed me outside of my box a little bit. I’ve never had a “fitness” session before. I did a little research, pulled some inspiration photos (which I don’t do often, but for this session I wanted to have lots of extra inspiration), and grabbed my yoga mats. Speaking of the yoga mats… You guys that was a last minute, walking through the house, saw them sitting there and grabbed them situation and I’m SO glad!!! They pop off the backdrops so cool and the pink one matches her pants *perfectly*.

Courtney, I’m so thankful you chose me to capture these for you. They’re SO much fun and they really make me get a sense of your beautiful bubbly personality!!

If you want to check out Courtney’s business Fit Strong Mama, you can find her on facebook, instagram, and her website all listed below. She’s doing great things for people and I’m excited to watch her business grow even more!

Courtney’s Website:


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