aleighia + paige

September 13, 2019

I just love having best friends in front of my camera. I used to do a ton of weddings and couples and the love they would have for each other is always super fun to capture and just feel. The more best friend sessions I have, the more I am starting to really dig that as well because it’s so similar. You can feel the FUN in the air and the love they have for each other. While it’s obviously different from a wedding couple, it’s still so real and genuine.

I’ve been photographing Paige + her family for a while now, and I just love them. Since she’s one of my Ultimate High School teens, Paige has the opportunity to add on some additional sessions through the year with her plan, and I was super pumped when she booked a besties session with her friend Aleighia!! They’ve been best friends for over TEN years! Y’all – at 15, that’s a LONG time.  I have a friend like that and I love that we’ve been through so many years and seasons together (since kindergarten!). That’s something special, y’all.

When I asked Paige to tell me something about their friendship to put in my blog, she said that she and Aleighia talked and landed on several different stories that involved them falling down, camping, going to concerts, and just having fun.  I didn’t get the gist of the stories as a whole, but I felt it, ya know. Just fun.

I loved having these two happy faces in front of my camera. They brought the sass and FIERCENESS, while also sharing laughs and just having fun!


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