September 11, 2019

The first time I met Emily at the Robertson County Exclusive Business Group meeting, I KNEW I was going to love her. First off, let’s talk about her glasses. They’re perfect. Do you know how many pairs of glasses I have? Chances are you haven’t even seen me in all of them. They are easily my favorite accessory and I love having a ton of pairs. Emily ALSO “collects” glasses and has a ton of them herself. You never know what kind she’s going to have on and I love it!!

Emily and I were having lunch one day and she told me about this “bucket list” her friend had made for her to mark off before she turned thirty. I loved the idea so much, and I thought it was cool that a “love yourself” photo session was on the list. Emily and I started planning and talking and set a date! It got rained out a couple of times, but I knew she was going to SHINE in front of the camera!!

I love doing these solo sessions with strong, independent women. Since rebranding and redirecting, I’ve had so many of these ladies in front of my camera and it gives me life. I love lifting these ladies up just a little higher and I love working with their energy. Emily is a lawyer in Springfield and owns her own law firm with two other partners – Jones, Tackett, and Green. She is so kind and just radiates light wherever she goes and I l o v e d having her in front of my camera.

Look at this beauty!!!


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