August 27, 2019

Kara and I first met at the Chantilly Belle prom fashion show back in the Spring where she provided spray tans for all the models. I’ve followed along with her business, Beach Bronzed by Kara, for a while now because many of my teens + Seniors used her for their portrait sessions. When I met her, I instantly knew we were going to be friends and I wasn’t wrong. I love her vibe and energy, and I love her positive attitude. Just fun, that’s what she is!

When she asked me about headshots / new self promo pics, I was super excited about the idea of working with her. I felt like she would shine in front of the camera because her soul shines, ya know? I wasn’t wrong, either. I loved working with her! We went to a few different spots around Springfield and just hung out for a while. I had to remind myself to keep taking photos of her since I just wanted to chat and chat and chat!

The funny thing about Kara is that the space her business is in the space that my office was in when I was sharing a space with my bestie downtown Springfield! I am so grateful for the way things panned out and that some really great businesses took our spot when we moved on, and I love going in there knowing that I have a personal history with the space too…

The thing about Kara’s spray tans are that they don’t look ORANGE. She doesn’t make folks look like an Oompa-loompa…. Like, they look like natural tans!! This is the biggest reason I send my folks to her! Her tans photograph naturally and that’s a huge deal.

Thanks for trusting me with this project Kara!! I feel like this is just the start of the fun we’re gonna have…


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