back to school

August 25, 2019

When I started this year’s A Team I knew I wanted to do a few more group sessions than in years past. The first year, I don’t think I did any at all. I was just getting my feet wet with Senior Portraits as my specialty, and I hadn’t ever had a model team before so I didn’t know exactly which direction I wanted to take it. Last year, my second year with a team, I did a handful of group shoots and we had SO much fun every time. The girls loved hanging with each other and getting to know each other outside of school, and I love the energy of a group shoot.

This year, we’ve done two group shoots already and I just love them. I told the girls not to feel like they have to come to every single one that I offer – they probably won’t be able to, but the first one I wanted them all present for. The Senior shoot was a lot of fun, and I love the way the colors popped and the girls shined in front of the camera. This time, we did a back go school theme, but I wanted a little bit of an 80’s flare. They sent me pics of their outfits and we started mixing and matching things. I brought a ton of stuff from the studio closet and we used a few pieces from that, and we just rolled with it. It was a lot of fun!! I had planned on using the school busses, but unfortunately a HUGE STORM hit us right as we were shooting. Another reason I am so glad I learned how to use those flashes…

Thanks for kickin’ it with me, girls. I can’t believe school has already started! I can’t wait for our next group shoot!


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