kyleigh + kayleigh

August 18, 2019

Okay, whatever. I’m pretty far behind on getting all the blogs blogged, but y’all cut me a break. Summertime mommin’ + workin’ is hard when you have two dudes who want to be in the pool all day…. Also, I want to be in the pool all day *shrugs*.

A few weeks ago I offered fair mini sessions and my sweet assistant and 2019 A Team girl, Kyleigh signed up for one with her bestie, Kayleigh. Yes. Kyleigh and Kayleigh! Well aren’t they just cute?

We met at the carnival (Americana Festival) in White House and got some great stuff. I blew my knee out climbing the moving stairs in the Fun House, it started POURING rain, and it was intensely hot when it was dry, but the pictures were totally W O R T H  I T. I love all the bright colors and I love their wardrobe choices! We had SO much fun!!!

I love that we got to celebrate their friendship too. This is a trend I’m seeing catch on lately, and lemme tell you what. I’m *here for it*!  I just shot another besties session this week and I can’t wait to show these pics off too!

I love this girl, y’all. She’s off to college this week and it’s got me feeling all nostalgic for the year+ we’ve spent creating memories together and the dozens of sessions she’s helped me with over the past 18 months. Raise your hand if you’ve had Kyleigh as the assistant on your session, y’all!!  She’s a good one, you guys.


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  1. Emily says:

    As usual I LOVE these pics! I couldn’t think of a better match to shoot these two young ladies! We absolutely love you Shelby and we are so so thankful for all you have done for Kyleigh over the last 18 months! She has loved being your sidekick! PS we made it to Lexington!