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August 14, 2019

It’s been a second since I’ve had a minute to sit down and blog a session, but I promise I’m catching up!! The first week or two of school is *rough* y’all. You know what I mean… Getting back into the swing of things after summer break is always an adjustment for everyone!

When I showed up for Eve’s session I knew we were going to be outside at their family farm, but I had ZE-RO idea what we were going to be getting into. I brought my husband’s vehicle for off-roading because I always do when I think I’ll be driving on a farm, but this time we were more off-road that the Envoy would take us. When I got to Eve’s home, we picked our starting outfit and we headed out. Her dad set me up on a Gator [which, incidentally I’d never driven before] and we followed along to this path that seemed to take us off a cliff… Yes. I was a nervous wreck, but when we got to the bottom of this creekbed area, it for real looked like a scene from a fairytale. I couldn’t believe it. The light pouring in everywhere was gorgeous… I didn’t think it could get better than that…

That was, until we went to ANOTHER fairytale area… Thennnn ended up in a creek. It was magical, y’all. And EVE!! Eve knows how to do her thang in front of the camera, you guys. She is gorgeous and willing to do whatever I throw at her. She’s all in!!!

This session was definitely one I’ll remember forever. Riding on the back of a four-wheeler while holding my camera bag filled with gear across a deep creek river whatever was invigorating and nerve-wrecking all at the same time. We got some GORGEOUS shots, y’all! Every bit of it was amazing.

Hair + Makeup by Brittany Pentecost at Tangles Salon and Spa in Springfield, TN


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