step outside

July 15, 2019

…your comfort zone.

One of the things I’ve been reflecting on most lately is how much my career forces me to step outside my comfort zone for the sake of the shot. Not only do I have to step outside my comfort zone, but I also witness other people doing the same thing….. Every single time I turn the camera on them.

Last week, I went to the BMX place in Nashville. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had a little 3 year old dude that wanted pictures there, so we hauled off and headed to Nashville. The first part of his session was a typical 3 year old session – We found some cute backdrop areas, he had a cute little outfit on, and we took some beautiful pictures. We had hoped to shoot with the lake in the background, but it was full sun and there was no shade so I was hesitant – then, I thought – “no — just give it a shot!” Being the type of person who struggles to find perfection in everything it’s not easy for me to step outside my norm when it comes to shooting and “bright sun with no shade” is definitely not my norm, but we went for it and the photos really were lovely.

The next part of his session was on the track and while I didn’t really have to step outside MY comfort zone to shoot them, I can’t help but admire the fact that this little THREE YEAR OLD completely owns the whole BMX racer thing. I mean, you guys… He’s three years old. When the gate opens he doesn’t flinch… He just rides. It really blew my mind! I think there’s a lot to learn there… You know?


This week, I also found myself knocking on a stranger’s door to ask permission to shoot against her gorgeous sunflowers…


…shooting off camera flash in a COMPLETELY dark area… [photographers if you haven’t learned how to do this yet, get on it – it’s a game changer.]


…riding on the back of a four-wheeler through a super deep creek to get to a location that was just too pretty to walk away from… This one was invigorating and scary since I had – ya know – $10,000 worth of equipment in my bag while crossing the river…


…climbing up these HORRIBLE stairs in a fun-home at the fair in order to get to the cool barrel and the padded obstacle thingies…


Annnnnd hanging out with some dinosaurs…


Really not bad for a week’s time, right???

I tell my kids all the time “I hope you find a job one day that you love as much as I love my job.” and I mean it. I mean it HARD. There are times that I just cry a little because I love doing what I do so much…. I love that it forces me to step outside my box, think outside my box, and capture other people stepping outside their boxes…

Thanks for hanging out with me out here, friends. It’s fun, huh?

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