belle | class of 2020

July 5, 2019

Belle!! This girl makes me LAUGH out loud. Mostly because half the stuff that comes out of her mouth is highly inappropriate, but she’s pretty hilarious. I spent a lot of time back stage with Belle during this last show with the Robertson County Players. I love my theatre kids – I get them. I was them. I *am* them.

For Belle’s session, the plan was really no plan. We knew we wanted to start in the theater, but other than that we just rolled with it. Her Meme was with us and so was her grandfather – who ran the spotlight for us during the theater pics. We hung out at the theater at Springfield Middle School for a little bit and then did pics outside there. While I was there a few weeks ago doing headshots for a show, I started looking around thinking “Man I don’t know why I haven’t used this place before!” – So after we wrapped theatre pics, I took the opportunity to use some of the really cool architecture and bricks/landscaping outside the school. While we were there, Belle’s grandmother also mentioned that she graduated from the school and I thought that was pretty cool too!

From there, we hit up a couple of cool spots in town and just laughed and had fun. I love sessions like that. We got lots of “serious model looks” but we also got LOTS of genuine smiles and laughter. I had so much fun with this one, and I can’t wait for Belle’s album to come in the mail!
Thanks for being on Team Shelb for your senior year, Belle!!!


Makeup by Brittany Pentecost at Tangles Salon in Springfield, TN.

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