allison | class of 2020

July 3, 2019

Oh Allison!!! When I got her application to be on my team I knew she was a perfect fit. She is a leader AND a team player, and she’s ready to step up and get outside of the box whenever given the opportunity.

The first thing I noticed about her when I met her was how quick she was to be a friend. You know — the type of person who although you just met, they talk to you like they’ve known you for years and are able to be vulnerable and release their inhibitions… Allison was just ready to be a part of it all!
When she walked into the studio for her “welcome” session back in the winter, she was ready to do whatever and even told me that she completely trusted me and just wanted to do something different. She grabbed a hat from the studio closet and said “I don’t usually wear hats! Let’s use it!!”
She’s the type of gal who when she heard there were kids in her own school who were unable to afford dinner when they left for the day – petitioned to start a food pantry for folks who are in need.

She’s a good kid, ya know… With a really beautiful heart.

I just love getting to know these teens throughout the year and watching them grow into their own and prepare for their next step. It’s really a cool opportunity, and they teach me so much!  Trusting someone else’s vision, being spontaneous, wanting to get outside the box…. I love how willing most of them are to do something new!

Thank you for picking me to document your senior year, Allison. I’m so thankful to have you on my team!


Makeup by Brittany Pentecost of Tangles Salon in Springfield, TN

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