July 2, 2019

Some months are just perfect.
I mean, I know I say this pretty much every month and I gawk over how perfect every month’s dresses are and the backdrop color choice and etc. etc. etc…
For real, you guys.
This purple is giving me LIFE.

For June, Jodi knew she wanted to do a bridal theme and she knew specifically which dress she wanted to make. She has told the story about searching for her “perfect wedding dress” many times, but this month, when we shot this session on her anniversary date and she made the dress she would have loved to have been married in – it just was different.
The dress is gorgeous, and Chelsea — Y’ALL. Chelsea is just stunning.

This session was special all around. Not only did Jodi make her wedding day dream dress, Chelsea – who has lost about 130 pounds in the past year and a half – got to step in front of the camera as the bride she “wished” she had pictures of the first time around. Chelsea has always been gorgeous and her personality is so fun and uplifting. When we shot with her back in March we knew we wanted to reuse her again, and after hearing her talk about how she wasn’t a huge fan of her wedding portraits, the decision was made. She was our bride. It was truly the easiest decision.
Her bridesmaids, Alainie and Alexis are two of my class of 2019 girls who had signed up for the Vintage Pattern Project. Originally, Alexis wasn’t going to be in this month (you’ll see her in a few months too), but one of the gals who had signed up wasn’t able to make it work out with her schedule so we had to find someone who was a similar size last minute. It worked out perfectly!

Alainie and Alexis almost look like Chelsea’s sisters or cousins… They all just look great together. It was a fun day!!!!

Thank you, ladies, for killing it.
Thank you, Jodi, for being an AH-MAZING seamstress and for including me in your project!!!
And thank you Savage Universal for this amazing purple backdrop. I can’t soak it up enough.

Models: Chelsea Swindle, Alainie Miller, Alexis Rashid

Flowers: Our bride, Chelsea Swindle, put the bouquets together!

Patterns: Simplicity, Butterick

Sewn / Designed By: Jodi Deal of stich + jodi

Hair & Makeup: Jodi Deal

As always, you can follow along with Jodi on her blog / instagram page for the next month’s patterns!


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