prom 2019

May 10, 2019

YOU GUYS!! Okay I know prom was a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure everyone was able to see and order all of their prom photos before I did a big prom post. This year was so much fun!!! I shot proms for four different schools with six groups and I loved all the dresses and smiles and spinning and gorgeousness.

Last year I did two proms and loved every minute, but HOLY SMOKES YOU GUYS, this year I was running prom marathons!!

The way I do prom sessions is different from a lot of the folks in the area, and I really love it. Each group gets their own individual session. They can invite who they want, but that session time is theirs. I usually end up meeting a couple of new folks, but for the most part the girls and guys in front of my camera on prom day are juniors or seniors who are on my A Team or are one of my current clients. I love that each of them gets their own individual time and it’s personalized to what makes sense for them or their dress… I may be flying all around the county, but I love that all of them are different!

This year, I had kiddos from Greenbrier High, Heritage High, White House High, and East Robertson High. Each of their sessions was unique to them and we spent time focusing on details and getting some gorgeous shots.

One of my favorite things about proms is the “dress reveal” and I try to tell my girls not to send me pictures of themselves in their dresses before prom day because I’m just as excited to see them in it for the first time as everyone else is!

All the dresses AND tuxes this year were top notch, y’all.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job????

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