April 3, 2019

When Jodi and I started talking about March and she showed me the direction she wanted to go in and fabric she had chosen, I was so excited! I love the colors and wanted to use a grey backdrop that would really help that red pop. We picked models and were heart eyes over everything the whole month waiting for the session!!

These girls did not disappoint, and neither did Jodi with her fabulous seamstress + designer skills. I love the way all of the colors and fabrics flow together, and I love how each dress really seems to fit each model’s personality!

When we first started talking about the Vintage Pattern Project, I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was a super cool idea and I wanted to stretch myself creatively, so I climbed on board, but I didn’t know whether folks would respond to it or if we’d just be doing it for fun (either way was totally fine – I just needed to shake things up a little bit.) Since launching in January we’ve had over fifty models apply to be a part of this project, and we’ve had eleven women join us in the studio for hair and makeup and laughing and music and just plain ole fun.

I love having a studio full of people. Hair and makeup and beautiful clothes and Sara Bareilles playlist? SOLD.

Patterns by Butterick, Simplicity, and Mccall’s.

Sewn by Jodi Deal of Stitch + Jodi

Models: Chelsea Swindle, Julie Metz, Kaitlyn Williams, and Jeralyn Johnson

Hair + Makeup: Jodi Deal

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