josie | class of 2019

March 1, 2019

Oh Josie.

When I opened my door to the studio and Josie bounced in last March, I just fell in love with her spirit. She’s so positive and kind! She seems to really accept all the people right where they are and that’s something I really admire. All the teens who have come through my studio since her photo has been on the wall have commented about how sweet she is and y’all – that says a lot about a teenager!

We did Josie’s senior portraits late last Spring. I’m trying to go back and blog older sessions from time just because I want to showcase allllll the people, and also because I just love revisiting some of these older sessions.

Josie wanted flowers for her session, but that time of year in Tennessee isn’t really the time for wildflowers or flower gardens –  those are more summer things around here, so I reached out to Amy at Corbin Greenhouse and she was so kind to let us come and use her space!

I just love the way these turned out. I hadn’t looked at them since last year, aside from the few that I have in the studio as samples, so when Josie and her family came in to place her final order for senior portraits last week I got to look at them all over again! She’s just beautiful, you guys. The light, and the energy she brought to the camera! I love.

HUGE thanks to Amy and Corbin Greenhouse and Gifts for letting us take over your space for the afternoon! And thanks to Josie and her mama for trusting me when I said “I have an idea. . .”

Senior sessions are THE BEST! I’m so sad to see this 2019 group’s chapter with me end, but I can’t wait to see what they do with their lives and I hope to be able to capture more huge milestones for them in the future. What an amazing ride this is!

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