February 27, 2019

With every passing month, I fall more and more in love with this project. Seriously. . . The models that come through the studio. . . Working with Jodi to pick the perfect background for each month, and talking about patterns and fabric and hair and makeup. . . It’s truly lighting a creative fire in me and I love it!

I’ve LOVED being back “in the studio.” I’ve had a physical studio for the past two years, but I rarely shot in it. Most people want outdoor on-location photographs, so I just haven’t messed around with seamless paper or studio work in a long time. I’m *loving* it, you guys. Like – Lovvvving it. I love learning new things, and I’ve been really challenging myself to learn my equipment and try different stuff and think outside the box of what I think my limits are. It’s been fun!!

February was a TON of fun to pull off. When Jodi showed me the fabric choices and the patterns I swooned!!

We decided we wanted to roll with the Valentine’s Day feel, and I am so glad we did – oh my goodness. That pink, y’all. I can’t even. I love this bubblegum pink backdrop with my WHOLE HEART. And the little heart confettis? Seriously.

This month’s team of models was exceptional!!! They were all super excited to be a part of it and were so cute getting ready with hair and makeup. All the girls this month were 14-16 years old, and it was a ton of fun. I love the youthfulness of this session because I feel like it really contrasts with the throwback feel of January’s.  Each month will have its own vibe — colors, fabrics, emotion… It’s just cool watching it all come together.

Just you WAIT to see what we have in store for March. I’m chomping at the bits to see these dresses, you guys! If you want to follow along with Jodi as she makes each piece, be sure to follow her on instagram and check her blog regularly!

If you have an interest in being a part of the Vintage Pattern Project, we are still taking applications! Most of the months are filled, but we’d love to have you on our list! Feel free to fill out an application HERE and we’ll get in touch if we have an opening!

In the meantime. . . LOOK AT ALL THIS PINK!

Patterns by Simplicity and McCall’s created by Jodi Deal of Stitch + Jodi 

Hair & Makeup by Jodi Deal

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    Love these sooooo much!!!!!