brooklin | 2020 model team

February 24, 2019

My next class of 2020 model rep team is Brooklin! Brooklin is a junior at Heritage High School, and is the daughter of one of my best friends’ (and former studiomate’s) best friends.

So many things are coming full circle for me this year, which I’ll explain more at some point, but this one is fun! For the past couple of years I’ve shared a studio space with one of my very best friends – Ashley. During that time, we had a gallery wall collage of images taken by the two of us – some families, some kids, weddings, seniors… Just a hodgepodge of our favorite photographs as a sample of our work. Most of Ashley’s photos were filled with people I didn’t know, and vice-verse. It wasn’t until Brooklin’s gallery reveal appointment that I realized I had been staring at her face on my wall [along with her siblings] for the past two years!

I love how things come around like that. When I met Brooklin’s mom, Ashley, in the studio probably a year ago I never would have imagined that she’d be joining my team this year. I always say the parents/guardians are on my team just as much as the kids are — I spend so much time with all of them over the year and a half before the kiddo graduates high school that we all start to feel like family.

I know this family will be no different! Brooklin has such a sweet personality and really shines in front of the camera. Her eyes, y’all… Poppin’. Her makeup was done by her mama, which is also SUPER exciting for me because she’s a licensed esthetician and makeup artist so she’s going to be doing lots and lots of makeup work for me this year! *INSERT ALL THE HAND CLAP EMOJIS*

When Brooklin and I talked about location, she wanted an outdoor feel, and with the dead of winter here I’ve been scoping out some different spots. This little gem I have had my eye on for a while, but haven’t actually used it until Brooklin’s session. It was perfect, you guys. I love the light and the height of the overgrown weeds. The warmth of the sun… All of it. I just love this. You’d never guess it was in a bank parking lot, right?  Actually, come to think of it, lots of my sessions take place in bank parking lots…

Thanks for picking me to capture your senior year, Brooklin! And thanks for sharing your talent with me, Ashley!! I can’t wait for more sessions with makeup by @nashgirlskin!

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