February 20, 2019

A few of months back, we decided to list our house on the market; and because life happens and plans don’t always shake out the way you think they’re going to, we decided to take it off the market not long after. We did this mainly because we needed to be in a one story home for the time being, but also because I had made the choice to bring the studio home and – well, it just made sense for us to stay here.

Anyways – While we were getting our home ready, we had to pull everything personal off the walls and store it away. You know the drill. I wasn’t surprised we had to do this because this wasn’t our first rodeo with the real estate market, but this was super tough for me! I have LOTS AND LOTS of pictures on the walls and I love them so very much. I don’t think I even realized exactly how much it means to me to have pictures on the wall until they weren’t there anymore.

Slowly, we’ve been unpacking things over the past couple of months and we are getting the house back to the way we like it – covered in photographs. I’ve also taken this opportunity to swap out some old photos and add some new.

I’ve been passionate about prints for a long time – I’m sure if you’ve sat in my studio or you’ve read my senior portrait magazine you’re aware of the fact that lightning struck my computer when my kids were two and we lost practically every picture of them that wasn’t printed for the first two years.  Thankfully, I was able to go back to our photographers and grab copies of the professional pictures, but all the in-between moments that didn’t get printed are gone. Forever. Like – Always.

I’ve told this story time and time again because until that moment I didn’t realize exactly how important it was to print your photos. I realize that as a photographer that sounds really silly, but at the time, I wasn’t doing this for a living. At the time, I was just a mom with a camera taking pictures of my kids… I was sharing them on my blog and on facebook and instagram, and I really didn’t think about the future of those images.

Now – almost eight years later, it still makes me sad to think about. I’m so very thankful for the photographers who did their due diligence and backed the images up. I’m thankful for the fact that in those first few months I actually did do a fairly good job at printing, so I do have a few snapshots. I’m also thankful for the lesson. It’s given me an opportunity to share my story with my clients, and help them not to make the same mistakes.

It’s NOT about the social media likes. I think it’s great that you get to share these moments with your cousin from California, or Aunt Janet who lives in Missouri, but at the end of the day – we need to make sure we have physical prints and albums to pass on to our children. They really don’t care that the post got 147 likes. What they care about is that you liked it enough to print it as large as you could and hang it on the living room wall.

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