allison | 2020 model team

February 19, 2019

When I have girls apply to be on my team I usually ask around about them *spoiler alert – I know LOTS of people in RobCo*.  For real – lots of people. So typically I reach out to teacher friends or people who work in the school system and for the most part I get pretty good reports back on the girls that apply for my program. In general, I typically have senior clients that are in the top of their class or are even brand reps for other local small businesses (as is the case for this one – she’s a beach bronzed junior rep!)  I love getting to know these young women. It’s really cool to see their community activity and just to watch them grow over that last year / year and a half of high school.

There was no shortage of positive words when I asked around about this girl. Multiple teachers had glowing remarks, and I mean… She’s even the school mascot,  y’all.

Allison’s application really grabbed me – initially because she talked about how she loved vintage style and, well, I love vintage fashion a WHOLE lot – but then she talked about how and why she wanted to be on a model team, and she talked about her community activism and I felt the kindness through her words. Kindness is so very important to me and to my brand, and when I select reps I really try to make sure they have this quality.

I can tell for this gal that kindness comes naturally. She just exudes it. She is thankful and super excited. We laughed and had such a great time – and even in this 15 minute mini session in the freezing cold we got some beautiful shots!! I can not wait for Allison’s full session this summer. We’re going to have such a blast, I can tell!



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