savannah | 2020 model team

I am SO SO excited about my Class of 2020 A Team! I have EIGHT reps this year and they are all smart and beautiful and fun and up for creating some amazing images! So many of you applied and you have no idea how much that means to me. It’s been pretty overwhelming, honestly… Every year I have more and more applicants and every year I’m blown away.  I really can’t wait to get to know all of these girls!

For each of my model reps this year we are doing little mini sessions to get to know each other and get them comfortable in front of the camera. Plus it’s a fun way to capture the “Yay I’m a senior model representative” vibe!

My first A Team girl for the year is SAVANNAH LANIUS! Savannah is a junior at White House Heritage. My kiddo dances with her and I am SO excited to have her on my team because #1 girl got style & #2 the camera loves her!! Ok there are lots of reasons, but those are big ones! I love her energy. She’s also an animal whisperer and when *all the cats* showed up to her session, she couldn’t resist trying to cuddle them. I got mad love for that, y’all.

Our mini session took place in Springfield at a location I’ve used several times, but haven’t used in a while. Y’all know I’m a fan of a location with a rundown feel and when Savannah picked “urban” as her location choice I really couldn’t wait! I love how these turned out… Her eyes, you guys.

Check out a highlight of Savannah’s “welcome to the team” mini-session below, and be sure to keep an eye out for the rest of the team! I’ll be highlighting each girl over the next month!

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