paige | freshman year

November 28, 2018

One night I literally woke up out of a dream with the “ultimate high school experience” idea. True story. I shot up out of bed and thought “THIS! This is a great idea!” I know how excited my seniors are when they have their session and I thought “How cool would it be if we captured the WHOLE high school experience? Freshman to senior…”  The next day or a couple of days thereafter, I texted Paige’s mom. She and I really have hit it off after I did her son Tyler’s senior portraits (I’ll post his blog soon!). Anyways – I texted her to tell her I had this crazy idea and wanted to know what she thought – Would anyone even be interested? IMMEDIATELY it was all heart eyes and “sign us up!”  I stewed on the details for a few weeks and put together something that I felt worked for everyone, and then I held my breath and posted. Y’all. Immediately the four spots I had open filled – I mean within about a week they were FULL. I love that so many people loved this idea as much as I did!!

Paige was the FIRST Freshman to sign up for the Ultimate High School Experience. She was all over it and we started planning her session right away! I love this girl, you guys. I love her family too. They are the epitome of love and laughter and fun and fellowship. When they come to a session or a gallery reveal appointment, they come as a tribe. It’s my favorite.

So here we are! Paige’s FRESHMAN YEAR session! I can’t wait to document her entire high school experience and see what her album looks like when we get the whole thing pieced together. It’s really going to be amazing!!!


PS: It’s Paige’s birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET FRIEND!

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  1. Emily Boyd says:

    Happy Birthday Paige!! Love Love Love that you are doing this program! Can’t wait to see Paige through the years!