straight outta the attic

When my family purchased my grandparents’ old house there were lots of random things that “came with the house.” Some examples of this — a bread maker, some random dishes left in the dishwasher, a wall calendar from the seventies… records, a couple of pillows… Just random stuff. Most of it we kept and still use – the bread maker, for example… Homemade bread is THE best smell to come home to, FYI.

My favorite and most exciting thing we found when we moved in was this amazing jumpsuit that belonged to my grandmother. When my husband brought it down from the attic I just gasped. SERIOUSLY??? This. Is. Amazing. I love to think about how fashionable and chic she was wearing it. Since asking more questions, it turns out that she and her friend had MATCHING jumpsuits and this is just one of the two… I can’t even get over it.

I’ve wanted to get this thing on someone for years, but it’s TINY – I mean… Tiiiiiiny. I really didn’t know if I could find someone small enough to even put it on…

Then, in walks Abby. And y’all. It’s perfect. I just love the way these turned out. She’s fierce and fashionable and she OWNS this jumpsuit. My grandma would be proud, yo. 

  1. Becky Boomershine says:

    Shelby…. I love it! I have photos of mother and Suzy wearing their matching outfits. It is adorable! I will get it to you just to soon as I can get my hands on it. Thank you so much for sharing ♥️

  2. Karen says:


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