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October 25, 2018

One of the main things I’ve struggled with when creating a blog is… where the heck do you start? I’m the type of person who if I don’t start something on a Monday, I have to wait the whole week to start the following Monday. Well, I should say that I’ve always been that type of person – but recently I’ve been trying to give myself a break…

That being said – with a blog, where do you start? I had, like, almost two dozen portrait sessions in the month of October so — where do I start sharing?? Alexis. That’s where!


I love this girl. I love this girl and I love her mama! Alexis and her family currently live in Missouri, but I’ve known her mom for years and years because we used to work with each other back when I was in the “water heater business” -yes, y’all – I was in the water heater business… BUT, that’s not the point.

I was so honored to have been chosen to be Alexis’ senior photographer  — I mean, they drove hours and hours, you guys. Yes – they have family here. Yes – they were planning a trip to Tennessee. But… I’mma just pretend they came all the way to Tennessee just to work with me, ok?

Alexis is SMART and FUNNY and knows EXACTLY what she wants and is willing to go after it. I love that!! She is interested in politics, news, music, vintage fashion… We really were a match made in heaven, you guys.

We decided to capture multiple elements of her interests + personality through different wardrobe changes / locations, which is something I really love to do with seniors. We chose a professional look in front of the courthouse to represent her love for debate and the big plans she has for her future in international law. We chose some fun + vintage vibe + hip looks to capture  her unique and eclectic personality. We added a globe because she loves to travel and is passionate about her Lebanese heritage; and finally, we headed over to her grandfather’s tobacco farm in Coopertown to capture her country side!

Thanks for picking ME, Angel + Alexis – I had a blast!



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  1. Angel says:

    We did drive to just see you…We just added family too!! Lol
    We love every picture you took, even the rain and Alexis having to change in the back of my SUV while driving to the next location. Plus I think you knew you did good when I had a little break down and you had to comfort me. It’s hard when your baby girl is all grown up and you realize it for the 1st time. It was hard to process and still is so thank you so much for everything! They will be treasured for ever and always!!