madison | class of 2019

October 25, 2018

Madison is one of my 2019 A Team girls! We did her first session back at the end of her Junior year, but she and her mom wanted to mix it up a little bit and add another session with a more urban feel.

Now, you guys know that urban is my thing!!

This session was a blast and I loved capturing and getting to know this side of Madison’s personality! Her first session was very pretty and took place at a creek with lots of blue and green and light. This session — we flipped it and reversed it for a totally different look!

Maddie is a class of 2019 senior at Greenbrier High. She’s on the dance team and is a fan of shopping, watching movies, and kickin’ it with her friends.

Maddie – Thanks for picking ME to be your senior photographer, and thank you for being a part of my model team!

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